Os copio aquí lo que hemos publicado en el blog corporativo, ¡si algún lector de este blog se anima a hacer las américas no tiene más que decirlo!

We have a small and multi-disciplinary product team that is very focused on data and is led by our founder David (that’s me!). Our goal is to make the shopkeeper successful, generating more profits in her store by following the advice from the Tiendatek Coach (every star needs a coach!). We therefore need to understand really well the way a shopkeeper thinks and build a flawless and smooth experience for her. As with other aspects of our business, we aim to work as professionally as any startup in the Silicon Valley but it is key that to keep our mission at heart.
The UX Designer will help us drive the product forward by developing a deep understanding of how a shop works and how their first computer (our tablet) can help it work better. This key role will define workflows, build wireframes for rapid prototyping and run usability tests. The job is more about designing fluid interfaces than pretty ones. The challenge is to design a tool that becomes the shopkeeper’s second hand on a mobile computer that is used all day long, ensuring the many required features still feel simple and intuitive. You need to create emotions in our users and make them feel at home. And you will strive for perfection at all phases of the design process, from the initial conception and quick validation all the way through the implemented code running on shops’ tablets.
If you want to take on such a challenge or can think of someone that would, please drop us a line! You can check the full job description here.